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Why us?

A team of professionals

We are a team of dynamic and innovative professionals.

Accurate, diligent & loyal

We are loyal and accurate; our priority is our client‘s expectation and we fulfil it as quickly as possible.

Strategic partnership

We do not only sell our services – we seek for long term strategical partnership.

Secure & stable business

Our activity is liability insured by 145 000 euros.

Efficient operations

We work efficiently and with diverse business profile in Lithuania and EU.

Advanced technologies

We use only the most advanced technologies, which optimize our accounting services considerably.

Flexible pricing

Our prices are flexible and always conform to the needs of our clients.

Customer reviews

I am grateful to Nerijus Ramanauskas for his professional, qualified and accurate ability to find relevant answers to questions related to financial process management. Thanks to this, it has become clear what it is important to pay attention to when managing the organization's budget. Attention, exact questions, professional competence is what I got during financial coaching.

Ernestas ParulskisArt critic

I am grateful to Nerijus Ramanauskas for his professional insights, questions and knowledge of how to awaken strategic financial thinking. With his help, I managed the financial crisis of the organization, made important decisions in a timely and decisive way, and changed my attitude to my personal and organizational finances. Nerijus Ramanauskas' financial coaching sessions strengthened my determination to start new projects without repeating the mistakes of the old financial management.

Dainius LanauskasKaunas Art Deco

In the course of professional change, it is important to thoroughly evaluate professional ideas and plans from a financial point of view. Financial Coaching helps you find clear answers to what business start-up decisions are and what organizational development strategies guarantee optimal and real financial returns.

Toma KumžienėNational Center of Kuksando

Financial coaching sessions have helped me to formulate my realistic financial goals clearly and relate them to my personal values. This has allowed me to radically change my life and implement a long-lived dream of living and setting up in Italy.

Sigita PožėlaitėHead of sales

Financial coaching has clearly helped to understand the importance of financial goals for my business for dynamic and stable business growth. Personal financial coaching sessions have allowed me to find answers how key decisions can lead to successful and guaranteed financial achievement and my personal financial success.

Marius JarulaitisCorporate shareholder and manager

My companies run in different countries. Different cultures of business partner countries require each time to look at the business model I have chosen, the principles of formulating financial goals and their implementation strategies. Financial coaching gives me the opportunity to manage financial risks quickly, professionally and effectively, also allows to achieve long-term financial goals.

Raimondas BiguzasManager , shareholder, investor

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