The choice of the best activity organization model is a fundamental solution, determining the future of your business ideas. The professionals of “Vilniaus buhalterių grupė” with accumulated long-term experience, will answer all questions related to features of all activity organization models, procedures and practices of establishment, acquisition or sale of companies. The highly qualified specialists will draw up all documents of establishment of your company, submit them to notaries, propose possible registration addresses (in Vilnius, Kaunas, Klaipėda) and represent your company in the Centre of Registers within optimal cost limits.

Your business idea content is inseparable from the activity organization form in many aspects. The team of “Vilniaus buhalterių grupė” will create a solid foundation for your business quickly according to the nature of future activities, the amount of the available capital, the presumed number of founders of the company, their level of responsibility and other important criteria.  We will offer a wide range of activity organization solutions and its management services assessing future expectations and opportunities. “Vilniaus buhalterių grupė” provides services of accounting, financial management, tax consultancy, sales of companies, the virtual office, the performance audit and legal services.  Services are provided throughout Lithuania – quickly, effectively and at optimum price.

“Vilniaus buhalterių grupė” not only establishes  companies, it provides very favorable conditions for purchase of the established companies quickly and for the optimal price.  The purchase of the company is a particularly favorable alternative for those who tend to save their time, because in case of purchase of the company, the necessary procedures of documentation preparation and  formalisation, which take a long time, are not required. Also, the considerable funds for creation of the authorized capital are often necessary while creating the new company, however, in case of purchase of the company this can be avoided. The team of professionals of “Vilniaus buhalterių grupė”  can offer you the purchase of the company that has not implemented any activities, with the primary accountancy documentation, the registration address, the seal, accounts in several banks of Lithuania or non-standard articles of association. The experience shows that the purchase of the company is the best way to start the implementation of the activities within the shortest time.

“Vilniaus buhalterių grupė” offers to acquire: 

  • Private limited liability company (PLLC). Price – 246 EUR.
  • Small partnership (SM).Price – 200 EUR.
  • Sole proprietorship (SP). Price – 275 EUR.
  • Public limited liability company (PLLC).Price – 535 EUR.
  • True partnership (TP).Price – 318 EUR.
  • The limited partnership (LP).Price – 318 EUR.
  • AssociationPrice – 318 EUR.
  • Public body (PB).Price – 275 EUR.
  • Charity and Support Fund Price – 289 EUR.

However, if you decide to establish a new company, contact the specialists of “Vilniaus buhalterių grupė”. We will help you to commence the activities successfully and avoid many of the risk factors related to the establishment of the company.  We can provide  the services of accounting, financial management, tax consultancy, the virtual office, the performance audit and legal services for you  throughout Lithuania.