Long-term experience of specialists of “Vilnaius buhalterių grupė” shows that tax consulting is an integral part of stable and competitive business. The laws and normative acts of the Republic of Lithuania which are related to tax issues change frequently, so, it is worth to entrust the optimal strategy of processing of the issues concerning the tax base to comprehensive business services professionals..

We analyse the processes of your activities on the basis of the tax law and, having regard to the tax practices, we provide the suggestions, which are useful for increasing the value of the business and optimizing your ongoing operating costs. “Vilniaus buhalterių grupė” offers a very wide range of tax-related consulting services:

  • Tax Accounting Review. We analyze the tax accounting procedure that you apply, we review it according to the valid legislation of the Republic of Lithuania.
  • Tax declaration By entrusting the tax declaration procedures to the professionals of “Vilniaus buhalterių grupė”, you can be sure that your business taxes will be calculated on a regular basis and declared in accordance with all applicable tax laws.
  • Consulting on the tax inspection issues If you are not sure about the comments, which were provided by the tax administrator, our specialists will help you to assess the tax administrator’s decisions adequately and solve all problems which are related to the tax inspection.
  • Representation in tax disputes. We have accumulated the extensive practice of work with the tax law, so we can represent your business in all tax institutions and help in solving of disputes related to the tax law.
  • Tax restructuring and optimization. Having regard to the planned structural changes of your business, we provide advice on issues of changes of the tax base of your activity. We also provide suggestions concerning issues of optimisation of the business tax structure.
  • Partial tax accounting review. Your business expectations can be realised much more productively if you entrust to the specialists of  “Vilniaus buhalterių grupė“ to check and optimize individually the specific areas of your company’s tax accounting.
  • Prior consultation on the establishment, acquisition or sale. If you plan to carry out strategic actions of establishment, acquisition or sale of business segments, we will help you to assess the consequences and risks of mentioned actions according to local or international  tax practices.