Accountant’s (book keeper’s) lack of skill to link accounting data with key company’s activity indicators is typical and frequent error which impels small and medium-sized business into a crisis. For most executive managers this often becomes key restriction for effective management of the company’s financial flows, while avoiding significant business process risks. Our team of professionals will help you to read accounting data by linking it to the basic operating parameters of your business. Our team:

  • Will perform comprehensive and qualified analysis of financial flow management and control processes;
  • Will evaluate feasibility and effectiveness of the long-term and short-term financial flows management strategy. If the strategy is not present, we will prepare it along with company’s executive manager;
  • Will identify main economic activities of the company (personnel, production process, service provisions, logistics, etc.), analysis of which will allow to assess business risks of your company in more detail and more comprehensively;
  • Will develop clear, focused strategy and proposals for optimal management of financial flows, which will stabilize and guarantee growth dynamics within medium-term period;
  • Will seek long-term strategic partnerships, effective and productive results, we will become your long-term partners in advising on strategic financial management issues;
  • Will increase the value of your company and business in shortest time possible.