The specialists of “Vilniaus buhalterių grupė“, who have accumulated sustained practical experience in the area of financial processes management, offer personal financial management methodology consultations for executives.

The consultations involve the program, which is created by the professionals of extremely high level of competence, this program provides the  comprehensive practical approach to possibilities of management and optimization of the financial company processes to the executives.

Drawing up these unique consultations, we adhere to the didactic principles dictated by long-term business customers consulting experience:

  • Two inseparable factors determine the strategy of financial flow management of different profile companies – one of them can be called subjective, and the other – objective;
  • These factors must fit harmoniously in the real business development practice: on the one hand, the subjective (psychological, ideological, cognitive) features of the executive are very important; on the other hand, none of the executives can properly perform tasks without knowledge of objective financial process management features – in other words, without understanding what factual company activities data mean;
  • The objective part of management of financial company processes requires relatively inert analytical thinking; and on the lower operational level –  competences for periodic, exact and consistent execution of the tasks that are formulated in accordance with certain algorithms.  The subjective part of management of financial company processes requires much more subtle skills and abilities because they are related not only to technical process control parameters, they are related to unique psychological characteristics,  ideological provisions, dominant cognitive abilities and the prevailing business ethics system of the executive.

We are ready to share our experience and collected systematic knowledge with all executives of the companies, who think progressively and look openly  to the future of their business:

  • We know very well what a complex phenomenon is the structure of business financial processes – it may become a source of failures and misunderstandings or it may become a firm foundation of your company’s value growth and development;
  • We know very well, what fragile line separates the initial situation, in which you manage the financial flows, from the undesirable situation, in which the financial flows begin insensibly and unintentionally determine your strategic decisions and the entire dynamics of your business;
  • We know very well that it is difficult to find the strategy of financial flow analysis, organization, optimization and long-term management , which would guarantee business growth and development.

While providing services of accounting, strategic financial management, tax consulting, operational audits throughout Lithuania, we notice the lack of comprehensive practical approach to business  financial structure. Immediately contact the specialists of “Vilniaus buhalterių grupė“ – we will help you to avoid multiple risk factors related to business establishment and development.