Professional accounting services

Highly qualified accounting is the guarantee of dynamic and successful business. Legislation of the Republic of Lithuania obliges legal entities to consign accounting to professionals, so that organizations could manage their accounting smoothly and professionally. Vilniaus buhalterių grupė brings together a team of reliable professionals, that distinguish for highest financial, legal and audit professional qualification, and are capable to provide accounting services with expedition, efficiency and accordingly to client‘s needs. You can be certain that your organization will not incur additional inconveniences for planning and organizing, after you have ordered our accounting services:

  • Conduction of primary accounting documentation;
  • Personnel records: payroll, preparation of orders;
  • Preparation of tax declarations for the controlling authorities (VMI – State Tax Inspectorate, VSDF – State Social Insurance Fund Board);
  • Financial reports for managers – profit (loss) statements, balance, cash flow reports, statements for company consolidation;
  • Accounting of packages;
  • Bank transfers to the suppliers of goods and services, employees, tax payment monitor;
  • Payment control, suppliers/buyers debt approximation;
  • Representation at supervisory authorities;
  • Other consulting services.

Upon client’s request, a direct online access to the accounting real-time system is available: it enables the client himself/herself to keep stock records, invoice, control payments with customers and suppliers.

Professionally managed accounting - a guarantee of a successful, dynamic and expanding business.