We offer services that always meet your needs

We form our service package together with the client according to the needs of his business. The service package includes standard accounting services and additional financial or legal services requested by the client:

  • Purchase accounting (Accounted in aggregated amounts, i.e. without keeping stock ledger);
  • Sales accounting (Accounted in aggregated amounts, i.e. without keeping stock ledger. The client provides the service provider with issued invoices for the sales and the service provider registers them in the appropriate accounting registers);
  • Accounting of cash-box income and expense orders (The client issues cash income/expense orders for the actually received or paid cash at the time of the receipt/payment and presents them to the service provider, and the service provider registers them in the appropriate accounting registers);
  • Accounting of payment orders (The client provides the service provider with an extract from the bank account, according to which every single transaction is registered in the appropriate accounting registers);
  • Calculation of depreciation of non-current assets (The service provider calculates the depreciation of non-current assets and enters it into the appropriate accounting registers);
  • Accounting of expense reports (The service provider makes the expense reports according to the data provided by the client);
  • Accounting of salaries;
  • Returns for the State Tax Inspectorate (VAT returns, Personal income tax returns, other obligatory declarations of the company);
  • Returns for “Sodra” (Quarterly returns, reports about employment and dismissal of employees).
  • Reports for the Department of Statistics;
  • Annual financial statements (Balance Sheet, Income Statement, Statement of Changes in Equity, Explanatory Letter);

The following services may be ordered additionally:

  • Stock accounting in stock ledger (Accounting of goods, inventories, their purchase, sales, write-off);
  • Lease contracts, author’s contracts (Registration of lease contracts, author’s contracts and transactions related to such contracts in the accounting; accounting and filing tax returns for the personal income tax related with such contracts);
  • Preparation of typical employment contract, employment-related letters, decrees;
  • Business travels (Calculation of per diem, accounting of business travel expenses according to the presented purchase documents and travel reports);
  • Quarterly reporting (Quarterly reporting to the banks, leasing companies, etc.);
  • Applications (Filling in applications for banks, leasing companies, etc.);
  • Reports (Accounting reports and forms for the management);
  • Reconciliation of debts with the client’s buyers/suppliers (Together with the annual stocktaking);
  • Other consulting.

Why us?

A team of professionals

We are a team of dynamic and innovative professionals.

Accurate, diligent & loyal

We are loyal and accurate; our priority is our client‘s expectation and we fulfil it as quickly as possible.

Strategic partnership

We do not only sell our services – we seek for long term strategical partnership.

Secure & stable business

Our activity is liability insured by 145 000 euros.

Efficient operations

We work efficiently and with diverse business profile in Lithuania and EU.

Advanced technologies

We use only the most advanced technologies, which optimize our accounting services considerably.

Flexible pricing

Our prices are flexible and always conform to the needs of our clients.

Changing accountant

Improper accounting is against the law of Republic of Lithuania, it also ruins the potential of business development, not to mention legal responsibility of company’s director. Vilniaus buhalterių grupė’s specialists advise you: if you see any indicators of improper accounting, do not delay your decision. Our team will assess the quality of your accounting services. We will take over the accounting of your company  and propose a fair price for the services your business really needs.