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Why choose us instead of personal accountant?

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Our longtime experience obviously shows that:

  • A team is always more competitive, has more knowledge and experience than a single person.
  • Better effectiveness – simple handover and distribution of tasks. A company is never on a sick leave, on holidays or absent without serious reason.
  • We are liable for our performance according to the Civil Code as well as the Labour Code. Our activities are strictly controlled by laws, you are given better guarantees, it is less risky to trust accounting to a company.
  • We are a legal entity; therefore, our relationship is business-like, objective and long-lasting. Mutual commercial cooperation is possible between companies.
  • Motivation does not cost you anything when you hire a company. Unlike when hiring an accountant, you will not have to pay for the training or holidays of the employee, you don’t have to invest into reward or motivation systems.