Employment contracts, appendices to contracts, business trip accounting, preparation of reports on financial obligations related to employment relationships and provision to regulating authorities refer to daily activities of each company. Wishing to perform this work accurately, correctly and professionally each company and its manager should rely on competence of Professional accounting officers.  “VILNIAUS BUHALTERIŲ GRUPĖ” has accumulated long-term experience in provision of payroll services to small, medium and large companies:

Our payroll services cover the following functions:

  • Payroll (hourly, summary, local accounting);
  • Accounting of leave and compensations for unused leave;
  • Calculation of bonuses paid with the salary;
  • Calculation of daily allowance referred to business trips;
  • Calculation of life insurance, maintenance, loan and other payments;
  • Preparation of pay slips;
  • Filling of payment summary tables;
  • Provision of different declarations to official authorities;
  • Management of other documents related to labour accounting.

Our accounting company have been providing payroll services for ten years already. We hope that our long-term experience, practical knowledge, loyalty to clients, quick and effective activity results will enable a client to save time and financial resources.