Lithuanian economy is one of the fast growing in the European Union. Dynamic and smooth development of the country economy creates the demand for new jobs. Available resources of the local labour market are insufficient to satisfy labour force demand in full scope, so Lithuania gives opportunity to residents of third countries to join national labour market smoothly. A person who is not a resident of the European Union may work within the territory of the Republic of Lithuania after receipt of D type national visa.

MB “Vilniaus Buhalterių Grupė” together with its partners renders assistance to people who intend to get D type visa. We help to manage all documents required to receive D type visa. We consult foreigners, help to collect and fill in documents to receive permits from official authorities as soon as possible.
More than 100 foreigners contact us every month regarding receipt of residence permit in Lithuania.
Residents of third countries, who did not join Schengen zone, but intend to work and develop their business in the Republic of Lithuania, may receive temporary residence permit in Lithuania. This is a document giving a foreigner the right to reside in Lithuania temporarily, in the selected place, change such place, leave and come back in Lithuania, travel around Schengen zone and reside there temporarily during the established period.

We will manage all documents, save your time and give an opportunity to manage the documents remotely, so to avoid visiting our Office.

Our high-qualified specialists are ready to help everybody.