MB “Vilniaus Buhalterių Grupė” is one of the high-qualified Professional team dealing with start-up projects for many years. Our Professional experience enables us to calculate the costs of business idea implementation, forecast average and long-term financial returns competently, quickly and accurately. You are welcome to contact us intending to start your business, searching for investors or wishing to sell your successfully growing business. MB “Vilniaus Buhalterių Grupė” will help you to prepare all required documents, consult on legal and financial issues and will render all required assistance. We also provide tax consultations to start-uppers, being the basis for modelling of business development strategy, forecasting of probable financial risks and selecting the most optimum taxation model for business development.

In 2017 new program for attraction of young talents “StartUp Visa” started in Lithuania. The key idea of this program is to attract young start-uppers and talents to Lithuania and the European Union, who intend to start development of their business ideas within the territory of the European Union, specifically in Lithuania. If you are a start-upper of innovative solutions, MB “Vilniaus Buhalterių Grupė” may propose actual service spectrum aimed to save your time getting a start-up visa and organising business incorporation process within the territory of Lithuania. If your ambitions are global business, MB “Vilniaus Buhalterių Grupė” will become a reliable partner in realisation of such plans.